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25G SFP28 Module
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25G SFP28 Module

The 25G SFP28 optical module is compact and versatile, and can be easily installed in network devices such as switches, routers, and servers. The module adopts a hot-swappable design, plug and play, without stopping and restarting the device, convenient for upgrading and replacement or network reconstruction, effectively reducing maintenance time and improving network management efficiency.

The 25G SFP28 module supports 25GbE rate, which can provide high-speed and stable data transmission for demanding applications such as data centers, cloud computing, and high-performance computing. High bandwidth and low latency characteristics ensure smooth and efficient network communication.

The module is available in multiple types such as single-mode and multi-mode to meet different transmission distance requirements. Single-mode fiber is suitable for long-distance transmission, while multi-mode fiber is suitable for short-distance connections in local area network (LAN) environments.

With standardized appearance and interface, the 25G SFP28 optical module is compatible with various network devices such as switches, routers, and servers. This interoperability enables it to be easily integrated into the existing network architecture, achieving efficient connection and communication between different devices.

The 25G SFP28 optical module is an important component of modern high-speed bandwidth networks. Its compact and flexible hot-pluggable features, support for high-speed data rates, and wide compatibility with network equipment enable it to meet various data communication needs in today's rapidly developing network environment, helping to achieve reliable and efficient network connections in data centers, cloud computing, high-performance computing and other fields.

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