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Medical facility Solution

New business continues to increase, medical imaging systems have massive data, require large capacity networks, weak investment in operation and maintenance, and require simpler POL all optical networks with stronger network scalability

School Campus Solution

The use of multiple network cables for campus information points is costly and difficult to maintain. The POL all optical solution can integrate with traditional campus services and solve the problem of transmission distance.

Office Park Solution

Adopting the POL scheme to build independent internal and external networks, ensuring physical isolation, using fiber optic to the office and fiber optic to the desktop of administrative large factories to meet the requirements of high bandwidth and security. The small and medium-sized enterprise go

Hotel & Apartment Solution

Hotels and apartments require high-quality networks for smart hotel business, requiring high-speed broadband access, integrating broadband, voice, video, and monitoring. Panoramic networks require space saving, flexible wiring, and green energy conservation.

Small lSP Solution

Box type (small capacity) OLT has advantages such as more flexible deployment and stronger environmental adaptability, making it suitable for limited data center space, low-density area access, 0LT sinking/stretching coverage, smart hotels, hospitals, buildings, smart parks, and other fast access OL

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