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 Founded in 2007, HSGQ is a company dedicated to the research, development, production and sales of optical fiber communication equipment. Through continuous technological innovation and market expansion, it has gradually become a leading enterprise in the industry and has gained widespread recognition and trust. With the continuous development of technology and the growth of market demand, HSGQ has gradually expanded the scope of communication products and solutions, and has been committed to providing the most complete optical fiber communication solutions to customers around the world.

 HSGQ has an experienced R&D team composed of international engineers. All products are independently developed, designed and produced with completely independent intellectual property rights. The company has a number of industry utility model patents and computer software copyright registrations, and has obtained a number of authoritative testing and certifications from many countries. All products have passed 3C, CE, ANATEL, ISO9001, ROHS and other certifications. The company has won honors and awards in multiple industries and markets with its excellent technology and high-quality products.

 HSGQ is committed to becoming a global technology leader, providing comprehensive solutions and high-quality communication products through continuous research and development and innovation to meet customers' personalized customization needs. We insist on customer satisfaction as the center, focusing on technical support and after-sales service to ensure that customers can fully utilize and enjoy its products and obtain an excellent user experience. At present, HSGQ has established a complete sales, customer service and technical support system, covering many countries and regions in Asia, Europe, America, etc., radiating the global optical communication application field.

 In short, HSGQ is a technology-leading global enterprise that provides customers with the most complete solutions in the communications industry through continuous technological innovation and high-quality products.

Technical Leadership

HSGQ is known for its excellent technical leadership. The company has a R&D team composed of senior communications experts who constantly pursue technological innovation and breakthroughs.

Product Diversity

HSGQ provides a rich and diverse product line, covering multiple fields and industries. Whether it is security monitoring, smart home or industrial automation, HSGQ company can provide comprehensive solutions.

High-Quality Products

The company adopts strict quality control standards to ensure that each product is rigorously tested and verified. HSGQ's products have excellent performance and can operate stably in various environments...

Customer Orientation

HSGQ always puts customers first and focuses on understanding customer needs. The company works closely with customers to provide customized solutions and personalized service. 

Technical Support

The company has a professional technical team that can provide remote support, troubleshooting, training and other services. Whether it is product installation and configuration, or fault diagnosis.


HSGQ has established stable and reliable cooperative relationships with partners from many countries. These partners provide technical support, resource sharing and market expansion support to help HSGQ ...


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