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What is the effect of temperature on the light module?
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What is the effect of temperature on the light module?

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Winter is here, the weather is very cold, and the temperature in some northern regions is almost lower than 0 ° C, which affects our lives.

So we associate it with the light module. Do you know what the temperature has on the light module?

Today, we will share with you about this aspect:

1. What is the normal temperature of the module?

Due to the different types and brands of optical fiber modules, different temperature range is also suitable for different requirements.

The temperature of the light module mainly has three types of levels: commercial grade, expansion level, industrial grade. The following is a detailed description of these three temperatures:

2. What are the reasons why the temperature rises or decreases?

量 Low quality of the light module: use low quality and rough workmanship, the performance of the light module is unstable, and the heat dissipation performance is relatively poor;

度Steor environment: The temperature will change the temperature of the module in different environments, thereby affecting the transmitting light power modulus and receiving sensitivity of the module;

全 Use second-hand modules: The temperature of the new light module is 0-70 ° C, but the second-hand light module cannot meet this standard, so when the temperature is high or lower, the light module will not work properly.

3. What is the effect of temperature on the light module?

A. Excessive temperature: It will cause the transmitting light power to be too large, and then there will be an error in the receiving signal, and it will even make the fiber fiber module break.

B. Temperature is too low: usually if the fiber module is not exposed below 0 ° C, the temperature will not be too low. If so, it will affect the stability of the fiber module.

4. What is the quality of the product of light communication?

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