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What is the difference between switches and routers?
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What is the difference between switches and routers?

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In daily life, switchs and routers are often used in daily life. Many people only know that both are used to connect to the Internet, but rarely know what the difference between them and their functions. In the spirit of popular science and learning, sort out some content to share with you.

The difference between switches and routers:

◆ The router can automatically allocate IPs for your local area network, virtual dial, like a traffic policeman, directing where your computer should go, you don't need to worry about so much.

The switch is only used to allocate network data.

◆ The router can allocate an IP to many hosts. These hosts only show one IP to the outside world.

The switch can connect many hosts, and these hosts have their own IPs.

◆ The switch works on the relay layer and address according to the MAC address.

The router works on the network layer. According to the IP address addressing, the TCP/IP protocol can be processed, and the switch cannot.

◆ The router provides firewall services, and the switch cannot provide this function. The router only forwards the specific address packet, does not transmit data packet transmission and the unknown target network data packet transmission does not support the routing protocol, which can prevent broadcast storms.

◆ For example, the router is equivalent to a small post office, just a address (IP), responsible for a place to send and receive (personal computer, a server, so you want this thing online). Contact each small place from one address.

To put it simply, the router specializes in the network. The switch is only distributed, and the route is to find the road for you to get the Internet. The switch is only responsible for opening the door. You can't get on the network without routes on the switch.

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