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What is the SFP light module.100km cwdm sfp 10g modul
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What is the SFP light module.100km cwdm sfp 10g modul

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As we all know, many companies want to conduct network deployments, and their data center construction is inseparable from light modules and switches. Shenzhen Zhuo'an Communication Co., Ltd. is a professional light module manufacturer. What are the main functions of the light module? It is mainly used to change the electronic signal and the light signal light, while the network switch has a sharing effect on the light electronic signal. Among many optical modules, the SFP light module is one of the most used light modules that are currently used at this stage. When using a different interface method with a network switch, a different interface method can be used to complete different Internet requirements.

The SFP light module is a 10G optical fiber module belonging to the SFP light module, which is alone in the communication protocol. Generally connecting with network switches, optical fiber routers, optical fiber network cards, etc., which can Expansion and transformation.

The relative density of the SFP optical module line card is small and small, which can be connected with other types of 10G control modules, giving high installation relative density to the big data center, saving costs. It has also become a popular light module that is popular in the sales market.

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