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E04T.pdf 2024-03-29
E04R.pdf 2024-03-29
G02.pdf 2024-03-29
G08L.pdf 2024-03-29
E04M.pdf 2024-03-29
XE04S.pdf 2024-03-29
R3000.pdf 2024-03-29
G04L.pdf 2024-03-29
XE08.pdf 2024-03-29
Firmware Update Service Policy
HSGQ is committed to providing our customers with ongoing technical support and product improvements. Our firmware update service is designed to ensure that your device maintains optimal performance and security. While we do not normally mandate firmware updates, we recognise the importance of regular updates to the security and functionality of your device.

Firmware Update Schedule
We do not have a fixed update schedule as we prefer to base the need for updates on customer feedback and the actual operation of the device. Our team of engineers regularly monitors device performance and releases firmware updates when we detect potential issues or performance improvement opportunities.

User Update Recommendations
We recommend that users regularly check the firmware version of their device to ensure that your device is operating at the latest security and performance standards. You can visit our official website or contacting customer service for updates.

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