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Will metaverse technology drive the development of optical modules?
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Will metaverse technology drive the development of optical modules?

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8Port GPON OLT supported NMS/CLI/Web

What is the Metaverse? MetaVerse, the virtual universe beyond reality, refers to a parallel universe carried by digital form and virtual augmented physical reality, showing the characteristics of convergence and physical persistence, based on the future Internet, a 3D virtual space with link perception and sharing characteristics.

Facing the future layout of the metaverse, it is necessary to focus on both hardware and ecological ends, improve hardware penetration, continuously increase the number of users, and allow creators to obtain higher incomes. Only then can the penetration rate increase and achieve exponential growth. At the same time, the development of Metaverse will further increase the demand for cloud computing and big data, and will further promote the optical module market to move towards high-speed and high-end optical modules.

Eight characteristics of the metaverse: Identity, Friends, Immersive, Low Friction, Variety, Anywhere, Economy, and Civilization. Among them, Low Friction (low latency) and Anywhere (anywhere) are the basic requirements for high-quality networks, which require larger bandwidth, lower latency, and wider coverage for network transmission.

With the great development of the Metaverse, the demand for traffic and data transmission grows rapidly, which will further increase the demand for cloud computing and big data, further drive the demand for optical modules, optical components and other important basic components of data centers, and promote the optical module market. Towards high-speed high-end optical modules. Judging from the "Communication Economy Operation in the First Three Quarters of 2021" released by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, my country's communications industry is generally operating well, 5G network construction and application continue to advance, and emerging businesses continue to play a role in driving telecom business. Mobile Internet traffic increased by 35.8% year-on-year, and the cumulative traffic reached 160.8 billion GB. The construction of telecom-end base stations is gradually accelerating, and the entire 5G industry chain is rapidly advancing, which brings higher demand for optical modules, and the demand for front-haul optical modules is rapidly increasing. At the same time, Internet manufacturers have successively increased capital expenditure investment, and data centers have been further transformed to large-scale and centralized, which will drive the rapid release of the demand for 200G/400G high-speed optical modules.

Communication is the core infrastructure that supports the development of new applications such as the Metaverse. As the key device for photoelectric signal conversion, the optical module is an important part of data transmission and the core "hardware base" for the conversion between the virtual space of the metaverse and the real space where the server is located.

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