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Where are the MPO fiber jumpers used?
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Where are the MPO fiber jumpers used?

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1、 Introduction to MPO jumper

MPO fiber jumper consists of hot plug MPO connector and multi-mode/single-mode optical cable. MPO optical fiber connector includes optical fiber, sheath, coupling component, metal ring, pin, dust cap, etc. The pin part is divided into male and female forms.

The male connector has two PIN pins, while the female connector does not. MPO optical fiber jumper has the characteristics of low insertion loss, good interchangeability and pluggable, and a large number of fiber cores. It is widely used in optical fiber cabling scenarios requiring high-density integration.

2、 Application of MPO jumper

MPO optical fiber jumper can be used in optical fiber communication system, cable television network, telecommunication network, local area network, wide area network, wiring in communication base station, wiring in distribution box, optical link interconnection in optical active equipment and other scenarios.

MPO jumpers are generally used with high speed optical modules above 40G. Since 40G QSFP+SR4, eSR4, PSM4 optical modules and 100G QSFP28 SR4, PSM4 and other optical modules use the parallel transmission mode of 4 transmit channels and 4 receive channels, at least 8 fiber core optical jumpers are required to connect the optical link.

40G QSFP+SR4 and 40G QSFP+PSM4 usually use a 12 core MPO interface, because during the production of the QSFP+optical module, the channel specifications are consistent. Four groups of transceiver channels are composed of channel 1 to channel 12, channel 2 to channel 11, channel 3 to channel 10, and channel 4 to channel 9. The middle four channels are not used. Each group of transceiver channels carries out 10G transmission, which can just complete 40G transmission.

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