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What problems need to pay attention to when using the light module.FTTH OLT
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What problems need to pay attention to when using the light module.FTTH OLT

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16Port GPON OLT with L3 management

1. Make a proper installation of the module. When installing the light module, the module should be inserted into the bottom, and the pop sound or feel slightly vibrated, indicating that the module card lock card is in place. When the optical module card is not in place, the golden finger and the connector on the single board are contacting micro -contact, and the link may be connected. However, in the case of vibration and collision, the light module will instantly break or even loose;

b. There are ceramic parts inside the light module. Be careful when taking the light module. If you accidentally fall down or bump hard, it is not recommended to put the light module on the shelf to avoid follow -up failure;

C. When inserting the optical fiber line into the optical module, you need to move gently. Insert the light mouth, excessive force or oblique insertion may damage the light module;

d. Most of the light modules support hot insertion, but it is not recommended for regular hot insertion, which can easily cause electrical damage;

e. Confirm the action specification of the lighting module: When taking the light module, do not touch the golden finger part of the light module to avoid damaging the light module; when inserting the light module, confirm the handle of the light module on the light port of the light module, and then insert it into ; When pulling out the light module, first unplug the fiber line, and will pull the handle to the position of about 90 degrees with the light mouth, and then slowly pull it out. Do not excessive force when you pull out or pull your hands without being in place, it may damage the shielding of the light module.

2. Prevent module light port pollution.

a. Try to choose a high -quality optical fiber connector;

b. Before using the optical fiber jump connector with the light module, it is best to wipe it with high -purity alcohol cotton to avoid cross -pollution caused by the pollution of the light jump line;

C. The optical module avoids long -term exposure. The optical fiber jump line and the optical module that are not used must be inserted into the dust cap in time to prevent the dust from entering the optical module and affecting its performance. When the dust cap is not used, it is stored in the dust cleaning place;

d. The optical fiber connector is inserted in the level of the optical port to avoid the scratches of the end surface and the sleeve;

Keep the end surface of the fiber connecter to avoid scratching.

3. Prevent static damage.

4. Pay attention to the saturation of long -distance modules.

For long -distance light modules, because its average output light power is generally greater than its maximum input optical power (ie, light saturation), users should pay attention to the length of the optical fiber when using. If there is no condition, you need to debug in advance, be sure to use the 10-20DB optical signal attenuer to effectively attenuate the optical fiber signal strength to ensure that the actual light power of the optical module is less than its light saturation, otherwise it may damage the important components of the optical module.

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