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What matters and introduction when buying high -speed cable DAC
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What matters and introduction when buying high -speed cable DAC

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High -speed cable is a communication device connection cable. It is generally used to achieve short -distance high -speed Internet communication. It is a low -cost short -distance connection processing scheme that replaces the light module. It is generally welcomed in the short -distance continuous application of network devices.

At present, there are many high -speed cables on the market. To buy a satisfactory high -speed cable product, what factors should we consider? We will solve this question today.

◆ Original or passive

High -speed cables can be divided into active high -speed cables and passive high -speed cables. Their real difference is that the source high -speed line cable has one more driving chip than the passive high -speed cable. The passive high -speed cable can transmit optical signals without electrical drivers. There are electrical components in the optical fiber transceiver and dispatching assembly of the source high -speed cable. It will also reduce the transmission distance while transmitting the optical signal, which will increase the transmission distance. Therefore, the transmission distance of source high -speed cables is farther than the passive high -speed cable, but its price is more expensive.

◆ line rules

AWG is the US wire regulation, which is a standard for identifying cable diameter. The common AWG value of high -speed cables is 24AWG, 28AWG and 30AWG. 24AWG is thicker and heavier than 30AWG. The longer the length of 24AWG is not 30AWG to use, and the curved sensitivity is limited (Limited Bend Radius). Therefore, in long distance transmission, it is suitable to choose AWG with larger values.

◆ Cable length

The maximum transmission distance of the passive high -speed cable is 5 m, and the transmission distance of the source cable can reach 15m. Therefore, if the distance between network devices does not exceed 5 m, choosing active cables is the most cost-saving solution; if between 5 m-15 m, users are suitable Signal interference problem caused by transmission.

◆ Choose the right connector type

The application of high -speed cables with different joints is not the same. Generally speaking, the SFP+light module+high -speed cable is used for 10G connection, QSFP+high -speed cables are used for 40G connection, SFP28 high -speed wire cables are used for 25G connection, QSFP28 high -speed cables are used for 100G connection. In addition, QSFP+4XSFP+high -speed cables are usually used to connect between 10G and 40G network devices.

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