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What is the light module?sfp transceivers module wholesale
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What is the light module?sfp transceivers module wholesale

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With the development of communication technology, more and more light modules are used. So what do the light module are used for?

First of all, we must know that the light module is converted into a optical signal through the electrical signal. After transmission through the fiber, the optical signal is converted into an electrical signal. Through his working principle, we can probably know simply. In general, the light module is an electronic container that conducts photoelectric conversion and electro -optical conversion.

In the entire optical communication industry chain, optical devices and optical module companies are in the middle of the industry. The upstream of the industrial chain mainly includes semiconductor materials, photoelectric chips (design, manufacturing, and packaging) suppliers; downstream of the industrial chain, light modules need to be used with telecommunications equipment, network equipment, etc., which are non -terminal products. Two categories of customers.

The light module is an important part of the optical communication equipment, and it is an important bridge connecting the light world and the electric world. Although the market of the light module is still in the early stages of the industry, with the continuous development of technology, the light module is constantly breaking through and progress.

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