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What is the difference between MPO and MTP connector?
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What is the difference between MPO and MTP connector?

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MPO is an abbreviation of English Multi-Fiber Push On, the first generation multi-core optical fiber connector designed by Japan NTT. Its main industrial standards are IEC-61754-7. At present, the national standard is YD/T1272.5-2009, and the US standard is EIA/TIA-604-5.

MTP is an abbreviation of English Multi-Fiber Termination Push-ON. It is a trademark registered by US Conc in US Conc in his own MPO connector. It has optimized a lot of MPO connectors through multiple innovative designs and has its own patent to patent. Protect. Therefore, MTP connectors have better mechanical and optical properties than ordinary MPO connectors. The MTP connector fully meets the professional standards of all MPO connectors.

Let ’s talk about the specific differences between the MPO and MTP connector. First of all, the comparison of the reliability test is inserted. After the MTP connector is inserted for 600 times, the end surface near the guide hole is basically intact; and the MPO connector plug plug plugging After 500 times, the end surface near the guide hole was obviously damaged.

Secondly, the spring design of the MTP connector can give the band -shaped optical fiber space to the greatest extent compared to the MPO connector, thereby reducing the damage of the fiber at the fiber during the insertion.

Then, the guidance needle of the MTP connector design is fixed to prevent the loss of the guide needle. Moreover, the MTP connector allows the MT core to float in the jacket frame to improve the mechanical performance. In this way, when the two MT insertion is inserted, a certain external force is applied, and the physical contact of the two end surfaces will not be changed, and the optical performance will not be deteriorated as much as possible.

MPO/MTP optical fiber jump has multi -mode and single -mode, multi -mode MPO/MTP optical fiber jump can be used in more than 40G light modules, such The MPO optical fiber jumper can be used in 40G PSM4, 100G PSM4.

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