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What is the difference between 16G SFP+light module and 25G SFP+light module.SFP Module maker
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What is the difference between 16G SFP+light module and 25G SFP+light module.SFP Module maker

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The network is an important part of our lives. As a network solution provider, when deploying the data center network, energy -saving and cost are two important factors that need to be considered. The speed of the 10G light module cannot meet the network demand, while the price of 40G and 100G light modules is too high and the power consumption is too high. At present, high -performance, low -priced 16/25G SFP+light modules are very popular in data centers.

Today, we will introduce two common 16/25G SFP+light modules in detail: DS-SFP-FC16G-SW and SFP-SR-S compatible with CISCO compatible with CISCO

The DS-SFP-FC-16G-SFP+optical module compatible with CISCO is mainly used for FC (optical fiber channel) network applications. It uses a dual -work LC interface and works with multimodilica fiber. The working wavelength is generally 850nm, the transmission distance can reach 100m, and the transmission rate can reach 16Gbps. In addition, the optical module has a backward compatibility function and can run at a rate of 8.5 Gbps (8G FC) and 4.25 Gbps (4G FC).

SFP-25G-SR-S SFP+light modules compatible with CISCO are mainly used for 25G high-speed transmission, suitable for 25G Ethernet applications. The light module uses a dual -work LC interface with a working wavelength of 850nm. When used with multi -mode fiber, the transmission distance can reach 100 meters. It also has a digital diagnostic monitoring (DOM) function, which is convenient for you to understand the working parameters of the light module in real time.

● Cheap price: It is the ideal light module solution in the storage area network, which can help users upgrade the network at the lowest cost.

● Large transmission capacity: Compared with the traditional 8G FC light module, the two -way transmission capacity of the 16G FC SFP+optical module has doubled to 3200 MBYTE/s.

● Back compatibility: 16G FC SFP+light module has adaptive functions and can be compatible with the traditional 8G/4G/2G FC network. It can be seamlessly connected to the existing FC network devices, and can also meet the needs of future network upgrades.

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