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What is the advantage of 100G CFP4 light module?
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What is the advantage of 100G CFP4 light module?

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As the online market gradually developed from 10G to 40G, 100G, 40G and 100G optical devices have also been widely used in various fields. In the next few years, 100G products will continue to be popular and gradually accepted by the market. The 100G CFP series of optical modules has three forms of packaging: CFP, CFP2, CFP4 light module.

The 100G CFP light module, also known as the 100G client module, is a forming package that can be inserted and supported, which supports hot insertion. The CFP series optical module has gone through the development of CFP and CFP2 from the present to the present. Today, the CFP4 light module has been successfully launched and has been widely praised.

It has the same rate as the CFP/CFP2 optical module. The transmission efficiency has greatly improved, but the power consumption is reduced, and the cost is lower than that of CFP2. Therefore, the CFP4 light module has irreplaceable advantages. What are the advantages of the CFP4 light module?

The advantage of CFP4 light module

Compared with the traditional CFP and CFP2 series, the CFP4 light module has obvious advantages.

◆ Small volume: The volume of the CFP4 light module is one -half of the CFP2, one quarter of the CFP, and the smallest light module in the CFP series of light modules.

◆ Higher transmission efficiency: Early 100G CFP light module, using a 10*10 mode, through 10 10G channels, reaching 100G transmission rate, and now the 100G CFP4 light module uses a 4*25 mode, through 4 through 4 25G channels, achieve 100G transmission, have higher transmission efficiency and stronger stability.

◆ Higher module integration: The integration of CFP2 is twice the CFP, and the integration of CFP4 is four times that of CFP.

◆ Power consumption and cost is lower: CFP4 light module is compatible with the MSA protocol, supports the same rate as CFP2 as CFP2S, and the transmission efficiency is significantly improved. However, the power consumption has decreased significantly. Low.

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