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What is the BIDI module?epon onu huawei compatible wholesale
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What is the BIDI module?epon onu huawei compatible wholesale

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24Port L3 Core Switch

BIDI light module is a single fiber two -way light module, namely Bidi (Bidirectional). The conventional module is the dual fiber module (two fiber connects), and there are two fiber ports at the fiber interface: the launch port (TX) and the receiving port (RX), and the BIDI module is that the single fiber module has only one fiber port, a fiber fiber Inside emitting and receiving different light signals, the BIDI light module must be used in pairs. In the appearance, the BIDI module has only one port and is connected with only one fiber.

The working principle of the BIDI light module is to filter through the filter in the optical module (the central wavelength that is not required for filtering), and at the same time complete the transmission of a wavelength light signal and the reception of another wavelength light signal. Complete the reception of a wavelel light signal and the launch of another wavelength light signal. For example, the optical signal emitted by this end is 1310Nm. The light signal received by 1310NM is 1550nm, then the other end must be the opposite, that is, the light signal of the emitted light is 1310Nm. This is why the BIDI module is used pair.

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