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What is ONT and iODN?
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What is ONT and iODN?

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ONT is the Optical Network Terminal, the most terminal unit of FTTH, commonly known as "optical cat", similar to the electric cat of xDSL. ONT is an optical network terminal, which is applied to end users, while ONU refers to an optical network unit, and there may be other networks between it and end users. ONT is an integral part of ONU.

The OLT is the management end, and the ONU is the terminal; the service provisioning of the ONU is delivered through the OLT, and the two are in a master-slave relationship. Under one OLT, multiple ONUs can be connected through the optical splitter.

Huawei has proposed the iODN (Intelligent ODN) solution. In the iODN solution, ODN products have added the following intelligent features: fiber identification management, port status collection, port search indication, visualization tool PDA, etc.


The iODN solution can realize the automatic entry and management of ODN optical fiber connection information, and ensure the accuracy and timely synchronization of existing system information. At the same time, through the visualization software of the PDA and the intelligent LED indication on the iODN device, the automatic search and precise operation of the optical fiber can be realized, which greatly improves the operation and maintenance efficiency and realizes the efficient operation and maintenance of the ODN network. In addition, based on the iODN architecture, a variety of value-added applications can be developed on the basis of existing systems to automate the entire process of construction, operation and maintenance.


ZTE launched "eODN (Easy ODN)", which is based on GIS geographic information system and R intelligent identification system. The planning, design, construction and maintenance in the ODN network cycle of the system effectively combine the early planning, mid-term construction and post-maintenance, use the non-contact intelligent system to improve the efficiency of fiber management, and realize the sharing and maintenance of fiber information among various departments. Seamless transmission makes the construction of ODN network a dynamic virtuous circle to ensure its sustainable development.


FiberHome insists on designing products from the actual situation of traditional ODN, and proposes a complete solution of "sODN (smart ODN)".

The system fully considers the operation and maintenance characteristics of the existing traditional ODN, and strives to ensure that the existing practitioners can easily adapt to the new ODN intelligent management mode in the intelligent implementation. The system has the characteristics of low power consumption, long life, and easy maintenance. Through new information technology, the ODN network becomes an organic whole and improves customer perception.

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