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What is DAC?
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What is DAC?

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DAC is the abbreviation of direct cables, and the connectors of DAC are the same as modules. However, compared with the module, the DAC connector does not have high -priced laser and other electronic chips. Therefore, a lot of costs are saved in short -range transmission, and the module is replaced by lower costs, which brings higher benefits to the network solution to the network solution. Essence

DAC consists of a silver -plated conductor and foam insulation core wire, which is a shielding method to form a high -speed cable.

DAC has excellent attenuation performance, low latency and anti -interference. High -frequency broadband transmission can also be achieved.

What are the advantages of DAC?

a. High performance: For short -range data center wiring, multiple comprehensive solution exchange capabilities are used.

b. Energy -saving and environmental protection: The materials inside the high -speed cable are copper, the natural cooling effect of copper, saving energy.

c. Low power consumption: The power consumption of the passive -free optical cable is 0, and the active one is about 440MW;

d. Low cost: The price of copper compared to optical fibers is much lower.

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