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What is CWDM?fiber optic onu company
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What is CWDM?fiber optic onu company

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1. What is CWDM?

The CWDM module combines CWDM technology optical transceiver (rough wave division replica), which can be used by different wavelengths connected by optical cables, which can save optical resources.

2. Where is it applied?

The CWDM light module is a very economical and efficient network connection solution. It is widely used in education/data centers and people and FC networks.

3. What is the advantage of CWDM?

A. Transparent data transmission;

B. Large capacity, make the best optical bandwidth resources;

C. Save optical fiber and cost; such as a 80 -kilometer 8 -channel CWDM solution can save: 7 channels × 1200USD /channel = 8400USD;

d. Realize long -distance transmission;

E. Reduce power consumption, CWDM is 12.5%DWDM module.

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