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What are the specific functions of the light module.onu epon gpon modem wholesaler
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What are the specific functions of the light module.onu epon gpon modem wholesaler

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      Many consumers are foggy for the light module. Because there are many opportunities for this contact, although we usually come into contact with light communication and optical networks; however, you have never seen the light module. actually. The optical module should be in places such as Optics Tongxin, Data Center. So, there are fewer places to use light modules in our daily life. So what does the light module spoiler do?

The optical module consists of optoelectronic devices, function circuits, and optical interfaces. The optoelectronic devices include launch and receiving.

Simply put, the role of the optical module is the photoelectric conversion. The sending terminal converts the electrical signal into a optical signal. After transmitting through the optical fiber, the receiving end will convert the optical signal into a electrical signal.

In addition, the light module is classified according to the packaging, which can be divided into:

1. The XFP optical module is an optical transceiver that can be exchanged heat -can, independent of a communication protocol, for 10G BPS Ethernet, SONET/SDH, optical fiber channel.

2.SFP light module, small -scale insertable and plug -in luminous module (SFP), which is currently widely used.

3. GigACBIDI series single fiber bidirectional light modules use WDM technology to achieve a optical fiber transmission two -way information number (point -to -point transmission. Especially in lack of optical fiber resources, one optical fiber transmission two -way signal). GIGACBIDI includes SFP single fiber two -way (BIDI), GBIC single fiber bidirection (BIDI), SFP+single fiber bidirection (BIDI), XFP single fiber bidirection (BIDI), SFF single fiber bidirection (BIDI) and so on.

. The power port module, the RJ45 electric port small -scale plug -in module, also known as the power module or the power port module.

5.SFF light module, according to its tube foot is divided into 2x5, 2x10, etc.

6. GBIC light module, Gigabit Ethernet interface converter (GBIC) module

7. Pon optical module, passive light network PON (A-PON, G-PON, GE-PON) optical module

8.40GBS high -speed light module.

9. SDH transmission module (OC3, OC12)

10. Storage module, such as 4G, 8G, etc.

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