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What are the reasons for faults in the SFP light module.mini gpon olt company
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What are the reasons for faults in the SFP light module.mini gpon olt company

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1. Pollution and injury of the optical interface

The light link loss caused by the pollution and damage of the optical interface caused the light links, which caused the light link to fail. The reason for the emergence is:

1) The optical module is exposed to the environment, and the light mouth has dust entered and polluted;

2) The end surface of the optical fiber connector used has been polluted, and the optical module has a secondary pollution;

3) Improper use of light joints with tail fiber, scratching of end faces, etc.;

4) Use inferior optical fiber connectors;

2. ESD damage

ESD is an Electrostatic Discharge abbreviation, that is, "static discharge", which is a very fast process that can be less than 1NS (1 billion -second) or even hundreds of PS (1ps = 100 billion). Ten kv/m or even greater strong electromagnetic pulse. Electricity will adsorb dust, change the impedance between the lines, and affect the function and life of the product; the instantaneous electric field or the heat generated by the ESD will cause the component to hurt the component, but it can still work in the short term. The component cannot work (completely damaged). ESD is inevitable. In addition to improving the anti -ESD ability of electronic components, the important thing is that the factors that cause ESD damage are:

1) The environment is dry and easy to generate ESD;

2) Abnormal operations, such as: non -heat plug -in light pull -out module with power operation;

3) Do not do electrostatic protection and directly contact the static and sensitive foot of the light module by hand;

4) There is no anti -static packaging during transportation and storage;

5) The equipment is not grounded or poorly grounded;

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