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What are the problems of sample testing?
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What are the problems of sample testing?

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The light module may be applied to switches, video surveillance, radio and television, medical equipment, etc. In these fields, we must ensure the accuracy and stability of the product work. During the application process, electronic products need to verify and test one by one. In large projects and important projects, they must propose sample test requirements.

The following is the problem mentioned by our customers on the sample test. We will solve them one by one in question and answer.

1. How to do some simple quality and compatibility tests, the technical personnel of your company have any tests.

Regarding the quality test of our products, our company will conduct product tests before the product delivery:

Material detection: Detect the module device TOSA/ROSA/BOSA, etc. to ensure the quality of the product;

Product parameter detection: Test the output light power, receiving sensitivity, anti -light ratio, eye map, etc. to ensure product stability and quality;

Distance test: The distance of the real fiber test module, ensure that the product will not be lost during use, etc., to ensure the quality of the product;

Switch test: Module dock test, test the compatibility and use of the module to ensure the quality of the product;

Aging test: The product tests about 24h in high and low temperature aging boxes. Test the module conditions of the product under high temperature or low temperature to ensure the quality of the product.

There are two main compatibility tests about our company compatibility:

Protocol compatibility in the industry: Our product agreement compatibility is in line with industry agreements, such as 802.3Ae, SFF 8436, SONET, etc.;

Compatibility of the company's module equipment: Our product module will conduct equipment testing to ensure good product compatibility. The main testing equipment include: various brands switches, attenuitors, eye map meters, error code instruments, stabilization power supply, etc.;

2. What simple instruments and equipment do you need to prepare?

Regarding simple testing instruments, our company recommends that the following products can be purchased when doing simple tests:

Light power meter-general parameters, wavelength and optical power of the test module

Jumping line --- When testing on the machine, use the jumper to docking to check the working situation of the module;

Switch --- The switch is recommended to buy 10G switches in the early stage, and 1G products can also be tested on the 10G switch;

French disk-connected interface, various interfaces can be prepared, such as FC-FC, SC-FC

Attenuter --- You can buy a adjustable attenuator. When testing short-distance and long-distance module testing, you can adjust the attenuator to test. The reason:

During a short distance test, you can not regulate the attenuator for testing,

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