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What are the different classification methods of the light module.Fiber optic equipment
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What are the different classification methods of the light module.Fiber optic equipment

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huawei compatible sfp module

The optical module is an optical device for photoelectric conversion and electro -conversion, which is composed of optoelectronic devices, function circuits and optical interfaces. The optoelectronic devices include two parts: launch and receiving. Among them, the transmitting end converts the electrical signal into a optical signal. After transmission through the optical fiber, the receiving end will convert the optical signal into a electrical signal. As long as there is an optical fiber, there will be light modules. Specific equipment: optical end machines, fiber transceivers, switches, optical network cards, optical fiber high -speed ball machines, base stations, direct stations, etc. SFP is often used below 4G. XPK is commonly used for 10D rates.

1. Classification at a rate

In order to meet the needs of various transmission rates, optical modules of different rates have been generated: Fe optical module, GE light module, 10GE light module, and 40GE light module.

Second, according to the packaging classification

The higher the transmission rate, the more complicated the structure. In order to meet the needs of different structures, a variety of packaging types of packaging type have been generated. The types of packaging applicable to the Huawei switch are: SFP packaging, SFP+package, XFP package, QSFP+package.

Third, classify according to the standard of physical layers

In order to meet the data can be transmitted in different forms, various physical layer standards are defined, and the light modules that support various standards are generated. The detailed category is shown in the "standard type" in the table below.

Fourth, classify according to mode

Fiber is divided into single -mode fiber and multi -mode fiber. In order to meet the use of different types of optical fibers, single -mode light modules and multi -mode light modules have been generated.

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