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What are the common types of Gigabit Light Module.epon olt
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What are the common types of Gigabit Light Module.epon olt

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huawei compatible sfp module

Gigabit light modules can be divided into two categories, which are single fiber and dual -fiber light modules. Single fiber refers to only one interface, which is integrated with one optical fiber. The interface type of the Gigabit single fiber optical module is SC, and the fiber type is single -mode. It can be transmitted to 160km by pairing OS2 single -mode optical fiber jump lines.

Double fiber means that there are two interfaces. One collection and one hair need to be transmitted with two fiber. The interface type of the dual -fiber light module is a dual -worker LC. The fiber type has a single mode and a multi -mode. Gigabit multi -mode light module is used with OM2 multimodiability fiber jump line, and the longest transmission distance can reach 550 meters. Gigabit single -mode light module is used with OS2 single -mode fiber jump line, and the longest transmission distance can reach 160 kilometers.

In order to adapt to more application environments, the Gigabit Light Module can choose a variety of working temperatures. If it is applied to the outdoor environment with a variety of temperatures in the four seasons, then you need to choose an industrial grade (-40 ° C-85 ° C) Or the working temperature range of the extended level (-20 ° C-85 ° C). If it is used for indoor environments such as corporate rooms, you only need to choose a commercial grade (0 ° C-70 ° C) working temperature range, because the indoor computer room has air conditioners, and the temperature changes are not large.

Gigabit dual -fiber light module and GigabitThe biggest difference of a single fiber light module is that the number of fiber used is different. The dual -fiber light module is transmitted by one more optical fiber than the single fiber light module, so the total wiring cost will be higher. The single -fiber light module is very suitable for long -distance backbone and urban area network application scenarios, and its wiring cost will be relatively low.

Gigabit light modules are mainly used for Gigabit switches, Gigabit routers, servers, firewalls and other equipment. Of course, it can also be used for storage equipment, because the Gigabit Light module is in addition to compliance with Ethernet standards and compatible optical fiber channel standards. At present, Geling Technology has a series of light modules, and is the first choice for data center machine rooms and building light interconnection.

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