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What are the characteristics of the micro -light module.10g sfp lr transceiver
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What are the characteristics of the micro -light module.10g sfp lr transceiver

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1. Small compact replacement convenience

The internal structure of the traditional optical module uses a relatively strong and durable material, so its shape is relatively heavy, and the high -quality micro -light module is assembled from the new material components, and the material is lightweight. Durable, so the micro -light module is relatively small as a whole, so that it can not only reduce the weight of the overall electronic machine, but also show more convenient features during the replacement process.

Second, high durability life long life

The shape design of the micro -optical module is relatively compact. Although the overall volume is small, the design of its internal structure is very delicate. Each detail uses laser welding technology, so it has the characteristics of small electromagnetic radiation and strong anti -interference ability. In addition, the isolation technology of the black crystal adopted in the component can ensure that the circuit is not damaged, so that the durability of the micro -optical module can be fundamentally improved, and its own service life is strengthened.

Third, the working temperature range is wide and practical

The density of the material of the micro -optical module is high, and the form of the tablet packaging also has a good effect of isolation from external air and pollution. Wide, it can be determined that this light module has better applicability. It can be applied to various fields, so its strong practicality is also one of the characteristics of this product.

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