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What are the advantages of optical modules compared to optical transceivers?
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What are the advantages of optical modules compared to optical transceivers?

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Optical fiber transceivers are Ethernet transmission conversion units that convert electrical signals and optical signals to each other, so they are also called photoelectric converters. The main purpose of using fiber optic transceivers is to extend the transmission distance of signals. Due to the twisted pair wires used in our daily life, that is, network cables, its transmission distance is very limited. It is impossible to meet such long-distance transmission, so it is necessary to use optical fiber for transmission. At this time, we need to use optical fiber transceivers to extend the transmission distance, so it is a transmission relay.

The principle of optical modules is similar to that of optical fiber transceivers. They both play the role of photoelectric conversion. However, optical modules need to be connected to switches with optical ports, while transceivers are used to extend switches with network ports. The function is actually to extend the transmission distance of the signal.

We all know that the volume of optical modules is small, and the volume of optical fiber transceivers is relatively large. If it is dense wiring, it is obvious that optical fiber transceivers that take up too much space are not suitable, and small-volume optical modules are used for transmission.

Optical modules are passive devices, while fiber optic transceivers are active devices with built-in power supply or external power supply. Therefore, it can be used directly with power supply when it is in use, while optical modules need It can only be used on the switch that has been connected to.

Compared with optical transceivers, optical modules are more expensive, but their performance is much more stable and not easy to be damaged, but transceivers are different. We also need to consider factors such as power supply and network cable, and its loss is higher than that of optical modules.

In addition, their application scenarios are also different. Optical modules are mainly used in data centers, backbone networks of optical fiber networks, etc., while optical transceivers are usually used in access layer applications in broadband metropolitan area networks.

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