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What are the advantages and uses of optical fiber jumper?
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What are the advantages and uses of optical fiber jumper?

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16Port GPON OLT with L3 management

1、 Advantages of jumper

Optical fiber jumper has the characteristics of high tensile strength, compression resistance, rat bite resistance, and is not easy to be damaged by trampling. It can not only be directly laid outdoors in various harsh environments without using protective casing, but also its curvature and diameter are not greatly limited, saving space to a large extent, increasing the simplicity of construction layout, and reducing the construction cost. Although the optical cable is strong, it is actually as soft as the standard optical fiber jumper, and can be bent at will without breaking.

2、 Type of jumper

According to the material, the optical fiber jumper can be divided into interlocking armor and corrugated armor. Interlocking is a kind of aluminum armor. It is spirally wound on the optical fiber jumper and used in indoor and outdoor optical cables. It has the characteristics of durability and strong compression resistance. The striped optical fiber jumper is formed by the longitudinal folds of the steel tape wrapped optical cable. Usually used outdoors and to prevent damage from machinery and rodents. In addition, optical fiber jumpers include SC, ST, FC, LC, MU and other terminal interface types.

3、 Use of jumper

Jumpers can be used in complex environments such as building cabling, optical connection of key equipment rooms, field operations, sensor detection, optical fiber home entry, and community backbone network cabling. The stainless steel protective sleeve can protect the optical fiber jumper from extrusion and rodent penetration. Another application of optical fiber jumper is in the data center, which can provide flexible interconnection for active equipment, passive optical equipment and cross connection.

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