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What are the 1.2Tbps high-density optical modules?
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What are the 1.2Tbps high-density optical modules?

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4Port EPON OLT with 4SFP+ uplink port

At present, our home broadband network speed is generally 20M, so we often need to buffer when watching high-definition video, let alone watching a 4K ultra-high-definition movie with a size of 200G, but do you know? If you use the 1.2T transfer rate in the field of supercomputing (supercomputing technology) to download, it only takes 1/6 of a second. This article, ETU-LINK, will take you to take a look at those 1.2Tbps high-density optical modules.

When you think that the optical module has a maximum rate of 400Gbps and 800Gbps, in fact, there are already 1.2Tbps high-density optical modules used in large data centers, supercomputing centers, etc. to provide higher bandwidth and longer distance applications, but the industry has the ability to Few companies have achieved mass production of optical modules of this specification. A bit is the smallest unit in information technology, and 1 byte corresponds to 8 bits. 1.2T=1200G=1,200,000 Gigabit, as an optical transceiver module, high-performance VCSEL and PD array are used, and the required driving voltage and current are very small.

1.2Tbps CIM8 optical module, CIM8 is Coherent Interconnect Module 8, that is, coherent interconnect module 8. The CIM8 form factor is slightly larger than the CFP2, while the power requirements are also beyond what the CFP2 package can accommodate, continuous baud rate adjustment capability up to 140 GBaud for optimal transfer rate/distance trade-offs from long-haul to data center interconnects It can support multiple 400GbE user interfaces, support any network application, and support most applications of 1.2Tbps DCI and 800G per carrier.

1.2Tbps panel pluggable coherent optical module, with industry-leading single-carrier 1.2Tbps transmission performance, combined with Janus DSP and 3D silicon packaging technology, built-in silicon photonics integrated chip, high-speed modulator and TIA chip in the same optoelectronic package. Coherent technology has been responding to evolving bandwidth demands, with different baud rates and technologies OIP, IEEE, Open ROADM OpenZR+, CableLabs, ITU and other standards and MSA groups grouping together.

High-density optical modules use COB technology, which is a packaging technology for LED chips, that is, Chip on Board. This technology can be used to produce high-density fiber modules, suitable for high-speed single-channel and parallel. The application of chemical products makes the module have the advantages of lower power consumption, lower cost and higher reliability. While coherent modulation is essentially to improve the transmission rate of the optical channel through more advanced modulation technology, coherent optical communication uses the dimension, polarization, amplitude, phase and frequency of the light wave to carry more modulation information, thereby expanding the transmission capacity.

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