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Video sfp.10g sfp module
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Video sfp.10g sfp module

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Video SFP, the optical module is divided into 3G-Video SFP light module (high-definition SDI light-end machine for pure videos), 1.5G-Video SFP light module. The high -definition SDI light -end machine for pure video), dual -hair dual -income Video SFP light module (HD SDI light end machine for pure video), 1.5G or 3G and 155M asymmetric rate Video SFP light module (for it for HD SDI light -end machine with reverse control data)

Video SFP light module is dedicated to HD SDI light -end machine. The Video SFP light module is the first domestic development of high -definition SDI light -end machines with independent intellectual property rights. It was applied to the TV station's studio, animal shooting, film shooting, and the Grand Games live broadcast. Later, it extended to the field of 1080P HD monitoring, which can bring reverse control data; the rate is 1.485G (also known as 1.5g, corresponding to the SMPTE-292M standard, supporting 720p 720p ) And 2.97g (also known as 3G, corresponding to the SMPTE-424M standard, support Full HD full HD 1080P), the high-definition SDI optical machine should use the high-definition SDI Video SFP light module to ensure that there is no flash screen, black screen and other phenomena during the transmission of high-definition images, Essence

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