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This article takes you to understand 200G DAC high-speed cable
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This article takes you to understand 200G DAC high-speed cable

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Since the 21st century, the times have been developing continuously, not only the improvement of people's living standards, but also the continuous advancement of the information age, which is also promoting the development of the optical fiber communication technology industry. 200G Ethernet is rapidly developing in the market with the characteristics of lower device power consumption, higher transmission rate, and higher density. Today, Yitian will introduce the 200G DAC high-speed cable to you.

So let's first understand what is a DAC? Direct Attach Cable, referred to as DAC, the translation is high-speed cable, direct-attached cable or direct-attached copper cable. It consists of a copper cable and connector modules at both ends and is widely used in storage area networks, data centers, and high-performance computer connections.

Compared with AOC active optical cables, in terms of power consumption, DAC high-speed cables have lower power consumption than AOC active optical cables; in terms of materials, DAC high-speed cables are energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Its internal material is copper core, The natural heat dissipation effect will be better. Secondly, in terms of cost, because the price of optical fiber is higher than that of copper cable, the modules at both ends of AOC contain lasers but not DAC, so the price of AOC is much higher than that of DAC, and the use of high-speed cables can greatly reduce the overall cost of Data center cabling costs.

For now, DACs have quickly seized the market with their advantages of cost, enhanced signal integrity and excellent flexibility. More and more users have been accepted because of this. There are more and more categories of DACs, and 200G DAC is one of them. One, this product is mainly used in the interconnection of computer data centers and cloud servers.

There are two main types of packaging, namely QSFP-DD DAC and QSFP56 DAC. The main difference is that the QSFP56 DAC package uses four transmit and receive ports, and the transmission rate of each port is 50G, while the QSFP56 DAC package uses four transmit and receive ports. -DD DAC has eight transmit and receive ports, and the transmission rate of each port is 25G. Its advantage is that the 1U panel can achieve a density of 36*200G/400G, and is forward and backward compatible with QSFP. Compatible with existing QSFP28 optical modules and AOC/DAC high-speed cables. Compared with 200G AOC, the power consumption of DAC is very small, but the farthest transmission distance is only 3M.

So how to choose? In terms of cost, in the short-distance transmission scheme, 200G DAC high-speed cables can be selected, and we can also choose suitable cables according to different scenarios.

At present, our company is also committed to providing customers with comprehensive optical communication products. The main products cover not only 155M-100G optical modules, but also 10G-100G high-speed AOC/DAC cables and optical network supporting products. Now our company The DAC products we operate include 10G, 25G, 45G, 50G, 100G, 200G, of which we have a 200G DAC: 200G QSFP56 to QSFP56 DAC passive direct-connect cable, this product can well meet the next generation of 200G switches, servers, routers and other product application requirements. QSFP56 cable assemblies are optimized to reduce crosstalk and plug loss, provide excellent signal integrity and are fully compliant with next-generation Ethernet and InfiniBand standards.

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