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The universal indicators that the light module must have.olt gpon 84 ports Manufacturing
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The universal indicators that the light module must have.olt gpon 84 ports Manufacturing

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1. Work temperature

The normal operating temperature of ordinary commercial-grade light modules is 0-70 ° C. The temperature of the light module here actually refers to the temperature of the shell, which is divided by the working temperature. There are three levels, and the commercial-grade temperature: 0-70 ° C; industrial grade; Temperature: -40 ° C-85 ° C; the extended temperature between the two is -20-85 ° C;

2. Work rate

The high and low working rate of the light module itself determines the price of the optical module. The low rate is often low -priced, and the high rate is even higher. 100G, of course, there are higher rates such as 200g, 400g, and even 800g. The high and low work rate represents the level of business that can be carried by the optical module;

Third, work voltage

The operating voltage of the light module is about 3.3V. It should be noted that the amplitude of the fluctuation can only be allowed. In converting, the working voltage of the light module is a normal value between 3.135-3.465V;

Fourth, the launch end

The index of light modules mainly includes: transmitting light power, anti -light ratio, and central wavelength.

The transmitting light power refers to the output optical power of the transmitting end light source, which can be simply understood as the strength of the light. For the light modules of different velocity, wavelength, and transmission distance, the launch light power requirements are different. If the transmitting light power is within the normal value required, if the transmitting light power is too high It will cause the light module to not receive light;

The anti -light ratio refers to the minimum value of the average light power ratio emitted when the laser is launched in full "1" to the full "0" under full adjustment conditions, and the unit is DB. one;

The laser with the highest purity in the light also has its own wavelength distribution range. For example, a laser with a wavelength of 1550nm is actually a laser with a laser of 1549 to 1551Nm, but because the light energy of the wavelength of 1550nm is the largest, it is defined as the central wavelength;

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