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The stability of the light module.dual band onu sales
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The stability of the light module.dual band onu sales

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Whether the industrial switch can run stably with an indiscriminate connection with the optical module. The main quality consideration parameters of the light module are the stability of the optical module. As a light module manufacturer to improve the stability of the light module, it is the main way to ensure the quality of the product.

1. Improve the accuracy of adhesive tooling;

2. Improve the coordination accuracy of the base and "welding shaft sales";

3. Improve the production accuracy and positioning accuracy of welding workers;

4. Employee operation specifications for strengthening devices and board welding workers;

5. Strengthen the inspection using "module coaxial inspection and selling" to test the coaxiality of the shell and the device. This replaces the test of the module to reduce the role of the module, and also reduce the pollution of the core of the device. damage.

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