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The most complete purchase strategy for electrical port modules
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The most complete purchase strategy for electrical port modules

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As the application of electrical port modules becomes more and more extensive, with the advantages of cost performance and performance, the market has broad prospects for development. Do you still not know how to purchase electrical port modules? It is enough to read this article. This article will introduce you to the purchase strategy of the electrical port module.

As an optical-to-electrical module, the electrical port module is used in short-distance copper cable wiring systems. The RJ45 interface has a maximum transmission distance of 100m. It can not only make up for the lack of SFP+ high-speed cable transmission distance, but also directly use the existing copper cable wiring system. The data transmission rate is 10G, which reduces the cost of network deployment.

According to the different rates, it can be divided into 100M electrical port module, Gigabit electrical port module, 10G electrical port module and adaptive electrical port module. The following is the product model introduction:

The 10/100M electrical port module can be used when the network port of the device is insufficient, that is, by using the SFP electrical port module to convert the SFP optical port into an RJ45 electrical port, the maximum transmission distance is 100 meters; the gigabit electrical port module can be used depending on the speed. Divided into 1000M and 10/100/1000M self-adaptive electrical port modules, 1000M electrical port modules are divided into commercial grade and industrial grade standards according to different working environments, supporting the longest transmission distance of 100 meters; 10/100/1000M self-adaptive The adaptable electrical port module is a gigabit electrical port module that can integrate three rates of 10/100/1000BASE into the chip. It can be used for high-speed Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet to meet different application requirements and support the longest transmission. The distance is 100 meters; the 10G SFP+ electrical port module is the first 10G module that transmits through a network cable. It can be used in the SFP+ port of a switch or network card to connect with network equipment with RJ45 interface, supporting a transmission distance of 30 meters. and 80 meters.

After understanding the types of electrical port modules, let’s talk about chip solutions that play an important role in price, which is undoubtedly a consideration when purchasing electrical port modules. The electrical port module chip solution mainly uses Marvel chips and Taiwan chips. The Marvel chip of the Gigabit electrical port is tailored according to the internal circuit structure of Cisco. Generally, Cisco switches use 10/100/1000M electrical port modules, Huawei switches mostly use 1000M electrical port modules, and 10 Gigabit electrical port modules use It's also a Marvel chip. The Taiwan chip has special functions, and the 1000M electrical port module and the 10/100/1000M adaptive electrical port module can be shared. The provided electrical port modules are widely compatible with switches of various brands.

Different usage requirements require different usage methods of electrical port modules. Take a 10G electrical port module as an example.

1. The SFP+ port is connected to the SFP+ port (10G TO 10G), and the devices at both ends can directly use two 10G electrical port modules to connect and interconnect;

2. The SFP+ port is connected to the SFP port (10G to 1G), the SFP+ port of the A-end device uses a 10G electrical port module, and the SFP port of the B-end device uses a 1G electrical port module, which can realize 10G and 1G interconnection;

3. The SFP+ port is connected to the RJ45 port (10G TO 1000M RJ45). The SFP+ port of the A-end device uses a 10G electrical port module, and the RJ45 port of the B-end device is directly plugged into the network cable to realize the interconnection between the SFP+ port and the RJ45 port.

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