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The method of common failure of optical fiber transceiver
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The method of common failure of optical fiber transceiver

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The method of common failure of optical fiber transceiver图片.png

The optical fiber transceiver is often used in the copper network that cannot be covered. It must use optical fiber to extend the transmission distance. At the same time, it can also help optical fiber to connect to the urban area network and the next layer of network. However, there may be some failures in use, and it is normal for faults. We need to learn from the problem before it will improve. Some common faults and simple treatment methods of optical fiber transceiver, let's learn together.

Fiber Transceiver

1. LINK light is not on

1. Fiber lines may be short -circuited.

2. Whether the fiber interface is connected correctly.

3. Whether the optical fiber connector is intact into the device interface, whether the type of jumping line matches the interface, whether the equipment type matches the fiber type, whether the transmission distance is too long, which exceeds the fiber transmission distance.

Fiber Transceiver

Second, the network packet loss is serious

1. Whether the electrical port of the fiber transceiver matches the device interface.

2. Detect the twisted wiring or RJ45 electric port.

3. Whether the loss of the fiber line exceeds the sensitivity value of the device.

Third, the signal is intermittently renewed

1. It may be relatively large attenuation, and the optical power measurement is required to measure the optical power of the receiving terminal. If it is small, it can be judged as a light path failure.

2. It may be a fiber transceiver failure. At this time, you can connect the PC at both ends of the fiber transceiver (do not pass through the switch). After the two ends are no problem with ping, transmit a larger file (100M) to the other end to observe the observation, observe Its speed, such as slow speed (files below 200M for more than 15 minutes), can be basically judged as the transceiver failure.

4. Whether the fiber jumping line is disconnected

Troubleshooting of optical cables or optical fiber jump lines: Use laser flashlights to illuminate one end of the optical cable or fiber -jump line. On the other end, there is no light. If there is no, the optical cable is broken.

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