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The importance of light module sample test.Shenzhen 10g sfp lr transceiver
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The importance of light module sample test.Shenzhen 10g sfp lr transceiver

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The light module may be applied to switch, video surveillance, radio and television, medical equipment, etc. In these fields, we must ensure the accuracy and stability of the product work.

During the application process, electronic products need to verify and test one by one. In large projects and important projects, they must propose sample test requirements.

Before shipping, we need to check in several aspects:

1. The product's own performance, including transmitting light power, receiving sensitivity, error code, low alarm, high -promoting police, transmission distance, working temperature, eye map, etc.;

2. Compatibility. The light module usually needs to write the information of the manufacturer, which is the compatibility that we often say. If the communication cannot be normal, it is necessary to confirm whether your optical module is compatible with your device.

3. Tag. Although the label of the product is a small thing, it confirms the brand and covers the basic information of a product at the same time. It is an indispensable product component. According to trademarks.

4. Test report. Perhaps different customers will ask for test reports to provide a basis for correcting the quality problems of the product according to it according to it.

The stable work of the light module should pay attention to the following:

1. The matching line

There are many types of jumping lines, including LC, SC, ST and FC, etc., and are also divided into single -mode and multi -mode. The light module and jump line are used. If the jump line is not right, it will affect the use of the light module.

2. Port configuration

If we cannot communicate normally, we need to do the following configuration, take H3C 5024P as an example. Now some of our commonly used switch ports are photoelectric reuse types, and most of the optical ports are still in a closed state. These need to open the port artificially.

3. Wicing end surface

Pay attention to the cleaning of the end surface to prevent dust from entering. Otherwise, the accumulation of dust for a long time will block the optical port and affect transmission and work stability.

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