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The difference between the Magazine Module and the short -range light module.18g sfp module wholesale
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The difference between the Magazine Module and the short -range light module.18g sfp module wholesale

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In the previous article, we introduced the Magazine Module in detail. This article will learn from the difference between the 10D light module and the short -range light module.

With the rapid development of optical communication, people's speed requirements for telecommunications and data communication networks are also increasing, and the transmission distance is also a parameter that has attracted much attention. The 10D light module solves the problem of urban network construction, synchronized fiber optic network waiting for the problem of transmission. Short -range optical modules are widely used in indoor applications such as data centers, computer room servers, HDNI light machines, and SDI light -end machines. This is the difference between applications.

The transmission distance of the Mallouts Double Fiber Light Module is generally above 40km, the wavelength is 1550nm, and the diameter of the single -mode fiber connecting fiber is 9/125 μm for data transmission. The transmission distance of the short -distance light module is generally below 2km, the wavelength is 850nm & 1310Nm, and the diameter of the connection fiber is 50/125 μm or 62.5/125 μm.

In practical applications, because the optical signal will have a certain degree of scattered during the optical fiber transmission process, the Maximum light module cannot reach the maximum transmission distance in many cases. In addition, the 10D light module has strict requirements on receiving light power. If the laser power exceeds the sensitivity of the receiver, the light module failure is prone to occur.

The short -distance light module cannot send two wavelengths to different directions of the same fiber by reflecting. It can only send wavelength data signals, only running on multi -mode fiber, and cannot be used with the duster. The 40GBase-SR4 light module is a short-range light module, which is used with multi-mode fiber. The link length of the OM3 multi -mode optical fiber is 100 meters, and the length of the link on the OM4 multi -mode optical fiber is 150 meters. The wavelength is 850nm, and the 12 -core MPO/MTP interface is usually used, and the shape is packaged as QSFP+. 4 multi -mode optical fiber channels transmit serial data at a speed of 10G per channel, which is used for 40G short distance transmission.

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