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The difference between the Magazine Module and Gigabit Light Module
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The difference between the Magazine Module and Gigabit Light Module

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24Port L3 Core Switch

First, the Gigabit Light Module supports the rate of 1Gbps, while the 10Gbps rate of 10Gbps.

Secondly, the maximum transmission distance supported by the Gigabit Light Module is 550 meters (multi -mode fiber), 10 kilometers (single -mode fiber); and the maximum transmission distance supported by the Merchant Module is 400 meters (multi -mode fiber), 40 kilometers (40 kilometers (40 kilometers) (40 kilometers ( Single -mode optical fiber).

Furthermore, the interface types of Gigabit Light Module include SC, LC, etc.; The interface types of the Magazine Module mainly include SFP+, XFP, etc.

In addition, due to the higher demand of the Mallouts Module, its power is higher than the Gigabit Light Module and the price is higher.

In terms of functions, the 10D light modules have stronger performance in terms of speed, security, and reliability of network data transmission; although the Gigabit Light Module is less than the 10,000 -Dibin light modules, its price is low. LAN and other occasions of small and medium -sized enterprises.

In terms of applications, the 10D light module is mainly used in 10G optical fiber communications, such as corporate server, and data centers. The Gigabit Light Module is applied to some occasions that do not need high -speed transmission, such as ordinary office networks and small enterprise networks.

Finally, according to different standards, the light module can also be divided into single -mode light modules and multi -module modules, CWDM light modules, and DWDM light modules. Different types have different characteristics and application range.

In short, the Mark -Optical Module and Gigabit Light Module each have their own advantages and disadvantages, and they should be selected as needed when choosing. For network occasions with high transmission rates, the Magazine Module is a better choice; and the Gigabit Light Module is more suitable for network occasions that are more sensitive to cost or do not require high requirements for transmission rates.

Light module price

The price of light modules is between tens of yuan and tens of thousands. The price of light modules varies from factors such as brand, model, transmission rate, transmission distance and application field. You can choose the appropriate light module according to your needs and budget. At the same time, you can also query through the following ways:

1. Search on the relevant keywords on the e -commerce platform, such as SFP modules, QSFP modules, optical port converters, etc., you can see the optical module of various brands.

2. Inquiries directly on some optical module sales websites, such as optical fiber communication equipment sales websites, optical module agents, etc., you can see various brands and models of light modules and its offer.

3. If you need to buy a large number of light modules, you can contact major manufacturers or agents for inquiries to learn more and discount information.

It should be noted that the quotation of the optical module will be affected by factors such as brands, models, and performance. The price of optical modules of different brands and models may be large. It is recommended that you make a multi -party comparison and choose a high -cost product.

In addition, although the price of optical modules online is relatively cheap, you need to pay attention to some questions, such as whether it is original, compatible, whether there are warranty, etc., it is recommended to choose a reputable online merchant for purchase. At the same time, if the purchased light module needs to be used in high -end fields, it is recommended to choose some high -quality brands and models to ensure the quality and stability of transmission.

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