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The application of the light module in the data center.huawei compatible sfp module
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The application of the light module in the data center.huawei compatible sfp module

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The current data center is no longer just one or several machine rooms, but a set of data center clusters. In order to realize the normal work of various Internet businesses and application markets, the data center is required to work together. In real time, the information of the data centers interacts, which generates the needs of the data center Internet, and optical fiber communication has become a necessary means to achieve interconnection.

Different from the traditional telecommunications access network transmission equipment, the data center interconnection must realize the larger and dense transmission of information, it is necessary to require the exchange equipment to have a higher speed, lower power consumption, and smallerization. The core factor that determines whether these properties can be realized are the light module. The information network mainly uses optical fiber as the transmission medium, but the current calculation and analysis must also be based on the electrical signal, and the optical module is the core device that realizes the photoelectric conversion.

The data center communication optical module can be divided into three categories according to the connection type:

(1) Data centers to users, from visiting the cloud to browse webs, send and receive emails, and video streams, and other user behaviors;

(2) Data center interconnection, mainly used for data replication, software and system upgrades;

(3) Inside the data center, it is mainly used for information storage, generation, and mining. According to forecasts, internal communication in the data center accounts for more than 70 % of the data center communication, and the development of data center construction has spawned the development of high -speed light modules.

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