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Talk about industrial -grade light modules
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Talk about industrial -grade light modules

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36 Cores 2 in 2 out

First, the application environment of the light module can be divided into the following two:

Commercial -level light module: It is the most common and most widely used product in the market. Its working temperature is 0 ~ 70 ° C.

Industrial -grade light module: In a relatively harsh environment, the working temperature difference is very large. The most basic working conditions are that they must meet the temperature requirements of minus 40 degrees and 85 degrees.

So, how to achieve the most basic requirement of the industrial -grade light module? Our company ensures the stability of industrial -grade products from the following points:

1. Hardware requirements: The IC (chip) and To CAN (laser) used must reach the industrial temperature level.

2. Physical cooling: Maybe most practitioners have such experience when they were young. When you have a high fever, your parents will stick a sticker on your forehead, which is physical cooling. Of course, the heat dissipation silicone is used in the module for physical cooling, that is, the calories of the To exude as soon as possible. Then you will ask, what if it is low temperature? Isn't this a lot of contradictions? Please look at the following, this is also the most important technology.

3. Temperature compensation: The function of temperature compensation is to control the stable working current supply of the light module. When the temperature changes, the temperature compensation software will occur at this time.

To do temperature compensation, it will spend a lot of time to calculate its slope with each increase or decrease 5 degrees (or 10 degrees) as a node. ) In this job, this work allows our technicians to stay at least for a few hours or longer in front of the old and low -temperature circulating old cargo boxes. The increase in raw materials and manufacturing costs is the reason why industrial -grade light module products are high.

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