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Summary of problems encountered by Optical module in work
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Summary of problems encountered by Optical module in work

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A person's life will not always be smooth sailing, and they will always encounter some problems. The same is true of the Optical module. It cannot be guaranteed that there will be no problems during its operation. It is normal for problems to occur. We need to learn from problems to make progress. Today, let's summarize the problems encountered in the work of the Optical module.

1. Compatibility (this is the most basic and common)

Possible cause: a. An error occurred during the compatibility code import process

b. The software update of the device resulted in the original non upgraded compatibility code not working

c. Coding error

2. Product loss

Possible causes: a. The electronic function circuit of the Optical module and the equipment does not match

b. Master chip and device mismatch

c. Physical circuit failure

d. Equipment malfunction

e. Routing information error

The difference between single fiber module and dual fiber module

When we choose Optical module, we often encounter two types: single fiber and double fiber. Single fiber Optical module is also called WDM Optical module, which uses WDM technology to realize the bidirectional transmission of optical signals on a single fiber. The BIDI Optical module has only one port, which is filtered through the filter in the Optical module to complete the transmission of 1310nm optical signals and the reception of 1550nm optical signals, or vice versa. Therefore, Optical module must be used in pairs.

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