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Selection of SFP switch modules.100g sfp
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Selection of SFP switch modules.100g sfp

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1.25G Multiple Mode

(1) For lighting circuits with switch control requirements, control modules with the following functions should be used.

① AC working power supply: single-phase AC220V or three-phase AC380V for incoming lines, and single-phase AC220V for outgoing lines.

② Capable of setting control functions through network software and self-learning functions.

③ Equipped with system clock function.

④ Can set its network terminal functions through software.

⑤ Ability to set logical relationships (AND, OR) through software.

⑥ The interlocking function of the relay can be set through software.

⑦ After power outage, the relay status can be set when an incoming call occurs.

⑧ The microprocessor can also detect the operating temperature inside the switch module.

(2) The specifications (outgoing circuit and capacity) of the switch module should be determined based on the lighting circuit, capacity, and control method in the controlled area.

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