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Selection of SFP Optical module.sfp-10g-sr
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Selection of SFP Optical module.sfp-10g-sr

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1.25G Single Mode

(1) Lighting circuits with dimming control requirements shall adopt Optical module with the following functions.

① AC working power supply: single-phase AC220V or three-phase AC380V for incoming lines, and single-phase AC220V for outgoing lines.

② Capable of setting control functions through network software and self-learning functions.

③ Equipped with system clock function.

④ Can set its network terminal functions through software.

⑤ Each circuit has overload and overcurrent protection. The Optical module shall be able to prevent the light source from being damaged due to the rise of the external main power supply voltage, and can control the voltage value input to the main power supply after calculation, so as to limit the output of high voltage.

⑥ It should be ensured that the change in brightness of the light source is not sudden, but rather dimming in a gradual increasing and decreasing manner.

⑦ It should be able to suppress the interference of higher-order harmonics.

⑧ Multiple preset values of dimming scene can be stored in the Optical module. The dimming data of all control lamps stored in the EEPROM memory will not be lost due to power failure, and the dimming device can still resume its original working state after the power failure returns to normal.

⑨ The microprocessor can also detect the working temperature inside the Optical module.

⑩ The fluorescent lamp Optical module is used for the fluorescent lamp with high-frequency dimmable electronic ballast

Dimming the lamp.

The specification (outgoing circuit and capacity) of the Optical module shall be determined according to the lighting circuit, capacity and control mode in the controlled area.

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