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SFP type.100g sfp
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SFP type.100g sfp

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The SFP transceiver has a variety of different sending and receiving types. Users can choose the appropriate transceiver for each link to provide "optical performance" that can be achieved based on available optical fiber types (such as multi -mode fiber or single -mode fiber). The available optical SFP module is generally divided into the following categories: 850 nanometer wavelength/550 meters distance MMF (SX), 1310 nanometer wavelength/10 kilometers of SMF (LX), 1550 nanometer wavelength/40 kilometers distance of XD, 80 kilometers distance distance ZX, EX or EZX at 120 kilometers, and DWDM. The SFP transceiver also provides a copper cable interface, so that the host device that is mainly for optical fiber communication can also be communicated through the UTP network cable. There are also SFPs with wave division reuse (CWDM) and single fiber "two -way" (1310/1490 nanometer wavelength/downward).

Commercial SFP transceiver can provide a rate of 4.25 G BPS. 10 GBPS transceiver several forms of encapsulation are XFP, and the new variant "SFP+", which is basically consistent with SFP packaging.

Hongta's SFP+light module supports multi-protocol from 9.9GB/s to 11.3GB/s, supporting DDMI data diagnostic function, in line with SONET OC-192/SDH STM-64 standards.

Huatuo's SFP light module is in line with the MSA protocol. At the same time, it is in line with Gigabit Ethernet as the FC-PI-2 transmission definition of FC-PI-2 in IEEEE STD82.3 and 1 optical fiber channel.

UK's SFP+Optical Rejection Together is a new generation of Mercedescent and sending integrated modules. It is based on the ANSI T11 protocol, which can meet the 8.5G and Ethernet 10G applications of optical fiber channels.

At present, most optical SFP transceivers support SFF-8472 (industrial standard multilateral protocol). According to the SFF-8472 protocol, digital diagnosis monitoring (DDM, DIGITAL DIAGNOSTISTIC MONITOR) must be supported. Parameters, such as basic 5 monitoring volumes: Temperature, receipt -supply voltage (VCC), laser bias current (TX Bias Current), light output power (TX POWER), input power (RX Power).

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