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SFP round head fiber optic patch cord.10g sfp lr transceiver
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SFP round head fiber optic patch cord.10g sfp lr transceiver

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155M Single Mode

Round head fiber optic patch cord, as the name suggests, is a fiber optic patch cord with a round head and a sloping or flat end face of the plug core. It is called FC/APC fiber optic patch cord in academia, and round head is the local name.

Fiber optic jumpers are similar to coaxial cables, but do not have a mesh shielding layer. The center is a glass core of light propagation. In multimode optical fibers, the diameter of the core is 15 μ M~50 μ m. Roughly equivalent to the thickness of human hair. And the diameter of the single-mode fiber core is 8 μ M~10 μ m. The outer layer of the core is surrounded by a glass envelope with a lower refractive index than the core to keep the optical fiber inside the core. The outer layer is a thin plastic jacket used to protect the envelope.

Fiber optic jumpers refer to optical fibers directly connected to desktop computers or devices to facilitate device connection and management. It is used as a Patch cable from the equipment to the optical fiber cabling link. It has a thick protective layer and is generally used for the connection between optical terminals and terminal boxes.

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