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SFP optical transceiver works at the Data link layer.sfp-10g-sr
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SFP optical transceiver works at the Data link layer.sfp-10g-sr

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1.25G Single Mode

By work level/rate, it can be divided into single 10M, 100M fiber optic transceivers, 10/100M adaptive fiber optic transceivers, 1000M fiber optic transceivers, and 10/100/1000 adaptive transceivers. The transceiver products of 10M and 100M work in the physical layer, and the transceiver products working in this layer forward data bit by bit. This forwarding method has advantages such as fast forwarding speed, high transparency, and low latency, making it suitable for applications on fixed rate links. At the same time, since such devices do not have a self negotiation process before normal communication, they do better in compatibility and stability.

Structural classification

Desktop (standalone) fiber optic transceiver: standalone client device

Rack mounted (modular) fiber optic transceiver: installed in a sixteen slot chassis, using centralized power supply method

According to structure, it can be divided into desktop (independent) fiber optic transceivers and rack mounted fiber optic transceivers. Desktop fiber optic transceivers are suitable for single user use, such as meeting the uplink requirements of a single switch in a corridor. Rack mounted (modular) fiber optic transceivers are suitable for multi user aggregation. Currently, most racks in China are 16 slot products, which means a maximum of 16 modular fiber optic transceivers can be inserted into a single rack.

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