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SFP optical transceiver characteristics.1.25g sfp
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SFP optical transceiver characteristics.1.25g sfp

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◆ plug-in or independent structure, suitable for centralized management of 4U racks

◆ 10 bit digital encoding and uncompressed video transmission

◆ Supports any high-resolution video signal

◆ 5Hz-10MHz video channel

◆ Automatic compatibility with PAL, NTSC, SECAM video formats

Equipped with APC circuit, constant output optical power, and large dynamic range

◆ Gigabit fiber optic transmission, large capacity, easy to upgrade

The LED indicating the status of the power supply and other parameters can monitor the operation status of the system

◆ Supports any high-resolution video signal

◆ Support lossless video regeneration relay

Advanced adaptive technology eliminates the need for on-site electrical or optical adjustments during use

◆ Support RS232/RS485/RS422 or Manchester code

Industrial grade design and modular design make equipment reliable and flexible

◆ It can automatically recover the power fuse

◆ Fully built-in power supply, unique casing design and size 460X230X46mm

Internal power consumption: 10.5 w (Input: AC140~260V)

● Support user customization and OEM methods

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