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SFP optical fiber module application scope.1.25g bidi sfp module
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SFP optical fiber module application scope.1.25g bidi sfp module

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Suitable for optical fiber with less number of cores.

Fiber is mainly divided into two categories:

Single-Mode Fiber: The general fiber jump is represented by yellow, the joints and protective suits are blue; the transmission distance is long.

Multi-Mode Fiber: Generally represented by orange jump lines, some are represented by gray, the joints and protective sets are beige or black; the transmission distance is short.

Pay attention to optical fiber!

The receiving wavelength of the light module at both ends of the fiber jump line must be consistent, that is, the two ends of the fiber must be the light module of the same wavelength. The simple distinction method is that the color of the optical module is consistent.

In general, the short -wave light module uses multi -mode fiber (orange fiber), and the long wave optical module uses single -mode fiber (yellow fiber) to ensure the accuracy of data transmission.

Do not excessively bend and ring in the use of optical fibers, which will increase the attenuation of light in the transmission process.

After the optical fiber jumping line is used, it must be protected by a protective cover, and dust and oil will damage the coupling of the fiber.

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