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SFP light module use tips.ONU Modem sales
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SFP light module use tips.ONU Modem sales

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The module has inappropriate operations during the use process, which is simply constitutes the failure of the light module. In this case, don't worry, check carefully, and analyze specific elements. There are two main types of optical module function, which are the launch end failure and the receiving end failure. The most common elements are the following aspects:

1. The use of the optical fiber connector's end surface is now contaminated to form a secondary pollution of the optical module of the optical module;

2. The optical module is exposed to the environment, and the dust enters and pollutes it;

3. Use inferior optical fiber connector.

Therefore, pay attention to the cleaning and protection of the light module in the usual use. After use, it is recommended to plug the dust plug. Because the module light contact is not cleaned, it may affect the signal quality, which may cause line doubts and error codes.

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