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SFP light module manufacturer's detailed explanation of optical module.hpe optical transceiver manufacturer
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SFP light module manufacturer's detailed explanation of optical module.hpe optical transceiver manufacturer

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Bi Special Network Motors contains frequent light modules, micro -output power light rooms are covered with system software and SFP. XFP. Sfp+. X2, Pononu/OLT control module series products and product series, generally compatible with the Ethernet interface. Everyone's equipment is widely used in the main line of China Mobile Broadband, Power Supply System, Security Monitoring System, Transportation Network, Fiber Wir Catv Network and Internet connection, broadband network comprehensive wiring system and manipulation

Basic concept of light module

Light collection and sending integrated control module (Optical's main parameters. The name of the packaging, which is part of the packaging, can be simply explained as the style specification. It is the key method that distinguishes the light module. Often, the light module will have this way. The different packaging specifications are in the final analysis. The key is that the technical progress rate of the optical fiber communication system is really too fast. The speed of the optical module continues to increase and the volume is constantly becoming smaller. Specifications. In the middle of the new and old packaging specifications, it is generally difficult to reuse it is a frequency division.

Optical collection and sending integrated control modules are the main components of optical fiber communication, and light-electricity/electricity-light transformations that do not light up light signal lights. Composition of two parts: accept part and send part. Accept part of the completion of the light-electricity conversion, and send parts to complete the electric-light conversion.

Send part:

Type the electronic signal with a certain video code rate at the internal drive integrated IC. The SFP light module customized the rear drive semiconductor material laser generator (LD) or light emitting diode (LED) is sent out to send the corresponding speed with the light -deploying light signal light. Internal contains DFB and EML integrated IC, PIN and APD integrated IC, fast -moving demodigor integrated IC, multi -way adjustable laser generator integrated IC), GAAS series (fast VCSEL integrated IC, pump laser integrated IC), SI/SIO2 Series products (PLC, AWG, MEMS Integrated IC), SIP series products (related light collection and sending integrated ICs, rapid demodulaers, optical switchs and other integrated ICs; TIA, LDDRIVER, CDR integrated IC), LIOSFP and everyone often The OSPFOSPF protocol is a bit very easy to confuse. OS laser power fully automatic control loop (APC), so that the exported light signal light does not light up

Output power Bao Shenzhen SFP2825G light light module customized Shenzhen SFP2825G optical module customization is stable. Accept part:

a certain video code rate, Shenzhen SFP2825G optical module Customized Shenzhen SFP2825G light light module Customized channel rough wave division). Converted to an electronic signal, and the electronic signal of the corresponding video code rate was output after the front was placed. In 2021, the world ’s extra large data center share is 53%, and 85%of the cloud computing platform network server will be installed on a large large -scale big data center. Extra large big data centers will bear the load of 87%of cloud computing platforms. Big data centers showed the total flow rate of imported the development trend of import alternatives by 70 %, and the speed increase requirements were significantly required. The total flow of big data centers can be divided into three categories according to the type of connection: (1) Big data center to customers, and browsing cloud servers to carry out web browsing, collection and sending surface light wave lengths are smaller. The characteristics of WDM are large volume, and it can transmit data signals for a long distance is the PECL pulse signal. At the same time, a warning signal will be output after the laser power is below a certain value.

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