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SFP light module is the most suitable choice.1.25g 1310nm smf sfp module
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SFP light module is the most suitable choice.1.25g 1310nm smf sfp module

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There are many SFP light modules on the market, so how do you choose the suitable SFP light module? What is the basis for choosing? The editor of Shenzhen Zhuo'an Communication will decrypt you how to choose today.

PC/APC/UPC refers to the different grinding method of optical fiber adapter on the fiber fiber fiber fiber fiber. Different grinding methods decide the quality of optical fiber transmission laser welding quality. The key is reflected in the echo loss and insertion.

PC → The most common method of grinding is widely used on the machinery and equipment of communication operators. Although the inner hole of the fiber adapter looks flat map, in fact, its inner holes have been polished and polished with light bending and polishing, and the highest part of the bending is the core management center. The echo loss of the optical fiber tail fiber fiber-tailed method of PC is -40DB.

UPC → evolved from PC, and it has been promoted on the polishing and polishing of internal holes. Like the PC, the highest bending is at the optical fiber core management center, but the UPC ripple loss is higher than the PC, generally at -50DB (even higher). It is generally used to be used on the Ethernet interface computer device (such as ODF optical fiber wiring racks, news media converters and fiber switches, etc.).

The APC → its inner holes are grinded with an 8-degree corner grinding method to make the inner hole grinding more accurate, which can reasonably reduce the reflection surface, and the back loss loss is about -60DB.

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